Traveling With Toddlers

Traveling can be stressful for parents. There is an abundance of tips and tricks you can use to make traveling with your toddler easier. Here we’ll give you a few core tips for getting the most out of those trips.

As families, we all have our own experiences when traveling. Some people love traveling with their children, while others dread the thought. If you become anxious just thinking about the upcoming vacation, you should know a few things before you embark on that trip.

What is the Best Age to Travel with Toddlers?

The answer depends on your toddler’s temper and age at the time of your trip. For example, if you’re planning a long road trip, you probably want to wait until your child is at least two years old.

This will allow them to sit up by themselves for more extended periods, which means they won’t be crying as much during the ride.

Plus, toddlers under two don’t usually understand where they are or why they’re there.

Is it Worth Traveling with a Toddler?

Absolutely! While traveling with kids is never fun (especially if you’re stuck in traffic), it can also be an invaluable experience.

You’ll get to see more of the world than you ever would without little ones around as their innocence and curiosity discover things that may have been overlooked.

Plus, you learn so much about your toddler through these adventures.

Are they excited to go to the beach? Do they enjoy seeing new animals? What do they think of other cultures? These answers are priceless.

What You Need to Travel with a Toddler

Lots of Snacks

When you’re traveling in a different country, your choices aren’t always as great as they are back home.

This might seem obvious, but keeping your child well-fed is essential. You’ll want to pack many healthy snacks like fruit and veggies to help fill them up.

Also, bring plenty of water since many countries have different tap water sources that might not be drinkable.

A Travel System

You will benefit from a travel system if you plan on traveling by plane. A travel system makes it easier to carry your kid around, and you can store everything in one place instead of having multiple bags.

However, if you don’t mind holding hands and bringing your child, you don’t need extra transport gear. Just be prepared to take your child along everywhere you go, no matter how big or small your destination.

Baby Wipes

If you’re bringing your toddler to the park or somewhere with public restrooms, you’ll need to prepare for diaper or pull-up changes. Baby wipes are an essential item to have on hand when traveling with kids.

Not only are they necessary for bathroom cleanups, but you will also be able to clean their hands and faces after eating or playing.

Sleeping Bag/Blanket

You’ll want to pack a small sleeping bag or comforting blanket for your toddler. Sleeping on planes, trains, and buses is hard without something to cuddle.

Being wrapped in a sleeping bag or blanket will prevent discomfort in new and unfamiliar locations.

Extra Clothes

No matter where you’re going, you’ll want to pack an extra outfit or two that works for every day of the trip.

If you change clothes unexpectedly, you can be assured that they will still have other clean clothes for future occasions.

Is Traveling Stressful for Toddlers?

Traveling can indeed be stressful for kids, especially if they’re young. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. One tip is to use strollers and buggies while visiting museums, art galleries, stores, or even parks.

Another good idea is to use “I Spy” games to entertain them while you’re waiting in line.

A small assortment of toys on hand will occupy toddlers for a short time, and looking for shapes, colors, or letters the toddler knows will help ease the frustrations of long lines while also helping them feel safe with you nearby.

At What Age Does it get Easier to Travel with Kids?

It gets easier to travel with kids between four and five years old. By that point, they can walk on their own, understand where they’re going, and start asking questions about their interests.

At this point, you can begin teaching them about the world around them, read books together, and even take field trips to museums and parks.

Do Babies’ Ears Hurt when Flying?

Babies’ necks are smaller than adults, so they have thinner blood vessels. As a result, they tend to be affected by the lack of air pressure in the cabin, which can hurt their ears.

To fix this problem, airlines offer special ear plugs to help relieve the pain.

Traveling with toddlers can be stressful since more work goes into it, but the overall experience is one of a kind for everyone included in the trip.

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