Toys to Help with Speech Development

When do Babies Start to Talk?

Baby Talking Age

Shortly after birth, usually between three and six months old, babies begin making cooing and babbling noises. This is the very first stage of speech development. The noises are not words but essential to any child finding their voice.

Around four months, a baby will start to laugh or giggle, almost guaranteeing oohs and awes from everyone nearby. Between twelve and eighteen months old, most children can say ma, ba, da, or mi with an occasional combination of short words like mama, dada, and baba.

Closer to the eighteen-month mark, children may discover they can say words like cat, ball, no, bug, and shortened versions of easy names or nicknames.

How Many Words Should a 2 Year Old Say?

Around two years old, two-word sentences can be strung together, but they are direct to the point, such as “mom go” or “me here.” Three and four-year-old children can generally create sentences with three or more words that are relatively understandable.

Toddlers turning five and entering the school-age phase of life will have a decent-sized vocabulary and can carry on conversations with other children, parents, and teachers.

It is crucial to understand that not all children are the same. Some toddlers learn to talk before others, some are late talkers, and there may be a few that are just uninterested or have speech delays that may require the intervention of a speech pathologist.

Preschool and kindergarten wellness visits with primary care physicians are vital to monitor and track any child’s developmental milestones and potential delays. Whether there is any risk or concern about a speech delay, using speech toys explicitly designed to encourage verbal development is an excellent way for a toddler to learn.

Best Toys for Speech Therapy

Leapfrog Number Lovin’ Oven
This toy comes with various toy foods, a baking pan, two plates, and a spatula, allowing toddlers to pretend play while listening, singing, and learning from the 30 different songs and phrases already installed.

Vtech Touch and Teach Word Book
Using an interactive story approach, this toy has over 100 words and sounds to help increase toddler vocabulary and fine motor skills.

Homily Talking Hamster
All ages are sure to enjoy this toy! The hamster, a plush-style toy, has a push-button recording device that can record and play back what was just said. Letting a toddler hear their voice repeated back to them will encourage talking and improving speech patterns.

Leapfrog Chat and Count Smart Phone
Toddlers see parents use their phones daily, if not hourly. This toy phone helps children pretend to be like mom or dad while practicing the art of conversation using 15 activities, pre-installed voicemails, and sing-along songs.

ThinkFun Zingo! Bingo
Using picture cards instead of Bingo balls, this kid-approved style of traditional Bingo encourages matching, talking, and identification all in one game.

Leapfrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book
Leapfrog friends will introduce toddlers to 100 new words in this interactive book.

Contixo Kids Smart Robot Toy
This robot toy is an excellent choice for toddlers two and older who like to sing, dance, and move. A speech recognition sensor is used for additional interaction and optimal robot response.

Leapfrog 2-in-1 LeapTop Touch Laptop
This toddler-sized laptop has four modes to help your toddler talk: ABCs, music, games, and messages.

Speech Therapy Toys for Toddlers

Frog in a Box
This game is a cause-and-effect toy, like the old-school jack in a box. Single phrase words such as “in,” “open,” and “pop” can be used to express what is happening, what will happen, and what did happen. Once single-word phrases are accomplished, move on to two and three words such as “frog in box” or “close the box.”

Critter Clinic
The Critter Clinic is a fun way to let children care for critters needing attention. Speech skills and single or two-word instructions from the toddler will help the animals overcome the circumstances that brought them to the clinic.

Baa Ba Barn Musical Farm Set
Spatial awareness and verbal skills are used with this toy as toddlers are encouraged to provide instructions for placing animals to hear sounds and music.

Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Sheet
To get the full benefit of this toy, toddlers are encouraged to provide verbal direction and make verbal requests during play. A toddler can request or instruct to cut the cookie, frost the cookie, cook or bake the cookie, put on desired toppings, and more.

Speech Delay Toys for Toddlers

Toys designed to help with speech delay have an open-ended concept that encourages conversation during play. Discuss the characteristics of items, the order of toys, and the journey through the story the toddler imagines while they build, align, find, and learn.

  1. Learning Resources All Ready for Toddler Time
  2. Melissa and Doug Colored Wooden Building Blocks
  3. Seek-a-Boo
  4. String a Farm

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