Gardening With Toddlers

Gardening with Toddlers Benefits

Gardening is an excellent way to introduce practical and self-sustaining habits to a toddler. Most young children love being able to play outside, get dirty, find joy in dancing through sprinklers, and admire various plants they encounter while on their adventures. Introducing gardening to your outdoor enthusiast will add a new level of fun to the dirt.

Why is gardening important in early childhood?

Not only does gardening offer a relaxed and natural environment for parent-child bonding, but gardening also encourages the use of fine and gross motor skills, sensory stimulation, object control, and physical and cognitive development. Gardens are typically peaceful and tranquil settings that promote healthy thoughts, deep breathing, and anxiety release.

Teaching toddlers how to garden and care for plants teaches them a new coping strategy they can use well into their adult years for stressful and high anxiety days.

Standing, walking, moving, bending, and lifting use gross motor skills, while grasping, placing, and holding improve fine motor skills.

The senses are stimulated through sight, smell, touch, and taste as vibrant colors fill the landscape, blossoming plants release individual aromas, leaves and vegetation have specific textures, and taste buds are introduced to fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

How does gardening help a child’s cognitive development?

Cognitive development is enhanced through questions, analyzing, predicting, remembering, and problem-solving issues throughout the gardening season. Every step, from preparing the soil to harvesting the final product, is a learning adventure parents and children get to take together.

Gardening With Toddlers

What can I do with my 2-Year-Old in the Garden?

If you do not already have an established garden, it is a good idea to start small. Beginning with a few plants will be easier to maintain, watch, understand, or remember the basics of gardening that can be passed on to your toddler. Each year, you can add to your newly started garden until it becomes as large as you are comfortable with.

Gardening with Toddlers Activities

Container gardening is a fantastic option for small gardens, patio gardens, apartments, and starters. A sunny spot, appropriately sized pots for your desired plants, and watering accessibility are all you need. Start by choosing which plants you want to grow; your toddler’s input will initiate involvement and excitement.

Kids Gardening Tool Set

Let your child have a real & fun gardening experience with these gardening tools for kids while playing outside. This functional toddler gardening set includes a washable & adjustable garden apron w/ pockets, kids sun hat, water spray bottle, gardening gloves for kids, kids gardening bag, kids rake and shovel set

Review necessary planting conditions such as plant-preferred soil, planting depth, the best time to plant, and approximately how long it will take to reach maturity for harvesting. Choose the correct-sized pot, container, or planter for each plant and have fun with your new gardening partner.

Whether a garden is planted in a backyard, directly into the ground, in a raised garden bed, or a container, it is crucial to encourage the exploration of dirt. Child-sized tools such as rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows are fun for young children, but so is being allowed to touch the ground, get dirt on pants, and create a space to plant seeds without the fear of getting in trouble for being dirty. Whether hand gloves are being used or not, the best part of gardening is being able to get dirty and enjoy nature for what it is.

Gardening With Toddlers

How do I Introduce my Toddler to the Garden?

Gardening themes are an excellent approach to introducing gardening to new gardeners, especially toddlers. Themes can vary between superheroes, fairy tales, seasons, colors, and senses. Most toddlers are aware of superheroes and will have at least one favorite. Teach your toddler the superheroes of a garden, like kale, cabbage, spinach, and other leafy greens packed full of vitamins to keep human bodies strong and healthy.

What can Toddlers Grow in the Garden?

Lima beans, green beans, peas, cucumbers, and tomatoes that grow up trellises and vines can be viewed as kings, queens, princes, and princesses as they can grow up to ten feet or higher and can “oversee” the other plants for a fairy tale garden.

Early planting will produce excellent summer gardens, while mid-season planting can grow delicious fall crops that reach their flavor peak toward the end of the gardening season. Create color sections for flowers and companion plants to entertain rainbow eating. There are unlimited opportunities to create themed gardens to intrigue young minds and curiosity.

It may not be easy initially, but let your toddler dig, plant, and water. It will require patience on the parent’s part and willingness to learn from the child or children. If gardening appears stressful, a toddler will be less interested, but if they see joy and excitement and feel welcomed through patience, kindness, and love, they will be more eager to continue helping daily.

How can I make my garden fun for toddlers?

Garden art and personalized tools are fun ways to include children in gardening and give them a sense of independence and ownership. Painted rocks, pinwheels, fairy gardens, dinosaur gardens, stick art, and kid-sized gardening tools are essential to creating personal space within a more extensive, shared area.

What are some examples of indoor gardening that children can do?

Have fun with indoor counter or windowsill gardens during the off-season. Start seeds in damp paper towels, sandwich bags, or glass jars until sprouts are visible. As seeds turn to sprouts and sprouts turn to plants, children will be amazed at the visual changes happening before their eyes.

When the sprouts are big enough, have your toddler prepare small planting containers for the new plants. As the plants break through the dirt surface and start forming stems and leaves, toddlers can enjoy sharing responsibilities to ensure the plant survives.

Kids Gardening Set with Wheelbarrow

This kids gardening toy set includes a kids wheelbarrow toy, watering can, kids rake and shovel set, double-sided hoe, cultivator, and washable Apron with pockets and storage bag, providing a fully immersive gardening experience for toddlers.

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