Are Ride-On Toys Good for Development?

Are Ride-On Toys Good for Development?

Ride-on toys are an excellent tool to use as part of a child’s physical development. Aside from gross motor skills, fine motor skills, balance, and coordination are also introduced, developed, and improved. Children of all ages will find ride-on toys fun and engaging.

These toys also provide a sense of freedom as children play while learning and growing simultaneously. As early as one year old, age-specific toys can be introduced to encourage new skills usually reached within the first three years of life.

By the ages of two and three, different ride-on toys can be swapped for those that have been outgrown and further improve a child’s abilities.

Achieved milestones will vary from child to child. Still, the general view is that most children will be able to pull themselves up to a standing position, walk using furniture as a stabilizer, take their first steps without support, and stand alone for a few seconds to minutes.

These are all celebratory moments and provide these one-year-olds with their first set of gross motor skills.

Our Pick

Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe

  • LET KIDS DRIVE – Kids can easily and safely steer the Cozy Coupe car with its built-in safety features. Kids can kick and push when the floorboard is removed. When the removable floorboard is in, little feet are protected
  • LET MOM AND DAD LEAD THE WAY – This has a back handle for parent-controlled push ride action good for either indoor or outdoor imaginative play. The removable floorboard makes this easy to transition from parent-push mode to scoot mode

A few of the best age-appropriate toys for newborns up to one year old will be primarily sensory-related.

Portable toys such as blocks, light-up mats, learning centers, touchable mobiles, and handheld soothers offer playtime that focuses on lights, sounds, and physical touch.

Learning to crawl is the first step to standing and walking. Using blocks to grasp, build, and stack help with hand-eye coordination. Light-up mats provide tracking, touching, and focus skills.

Between one and two years old, it is time to practice balance, coordination, and upright mobility. Learning to walk does not happen overnight, but as steps become more frequent and manageable, the desire to walk becomes more apparent.

Milestones to look for in this age group are walking alone, potentially starting to run, being interested in stepping up and down the stairs, and pushing or pulling toys while walking. Toddler walkers that require standing and walking to get from place to place are ideal at this age.

Push cars that can either be pushed from behind while walking or sat in and moved with foot power, toddler push mowers and vacuums, or any other size and age-appropriate ride-on toy that uses foot power will provide hours of entertainment and skill growth.

Our Pick

Little Tikes Go and Grow Dino

  • DINOSAUR-THEMED TRIKE FOR TODDLER – Now kids can ride their very own dino trike with the Little Tikes Go & Grow Dino.
  • FOR HOURS OF ACTIVE PLAY – Kids will enjoy playing indoors and outdoors on this fun trike, that has tight steering and is easy to control
  • GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD – This ride-on toy and trike for toddlers will bring lots of smiles, and grow with your kid thanks to an adjustable seat. Kids will comfortably scoot at just the right sitting height

As confidence grows and more mobility and independence are established, the next level of toys and maneuverability comes in. Standing on tiptoe to reach and see, kicking balls, running, climbing, and throwing will naturally blend into already learned skills.

Two- to three-year-old children will be more balanced, better coordinated, desire to explore, and start to pretend with role-playing activities. With these milestones, physical skills are well on their way to anticipated capabilities while mental, cognitive, social, and emotional skills are becoming more visible.

Whether your child is pretending they are the next best race car driver, a farmer in the field with their tractor, or taking care of the yard and housework with their preschool playsets, this is a time for imagination and adventure.

There is no specific or mandatory age to start using any toy. Still, as a child gets closer to three years old, tricycles, bicycles with training wheels, next-step foot-powered vehicles, scooters, and pedal cars are ideal for keeping up with toddler development.

Our Pick

High Bounce Kids Tricycle

  • Bike riding is so much fun for every boy and girl. Great for learning balance, coordination, and improving fine motor skills. A toddler tricycle is ideal for kids to get them prepared to ride a bicycle
  • High Bounce bikes are a great investment for 3-6 years old kids. Our trikes have adjustable seat that grows with you! The adjustable seat ensures your child will enjoy the trike for many years to come

After the age of three years old, children will have a well-rounded set of motor skills and usually be right on track for the expected development of their age.

Their confidence and self-esteem will remain high as they have learned all the skills needed to move from place A to place B, skip, hop, jump, run, and take the stairs.

Ride-on toys promote physical, mental, and emotional growth through gradual skill enhancement, and becoming a master at what was once hard but now provides fun and freedom.

As toddlers learn to think, remember, reason, and pay attention, cognitive skills are on point. Social skills are introduced when children enter preschool, attend a childcare facility, have siblings, or frequently visit local parks where other toddlers are.

Sharing, pretending, role-playing, talking, walking, running, and finding new friends are essential for the years to follow as toddlers become young children, teenagers, young adults, and ultimately become parents themselves.

Activities for Preschoolers

Our Pick

Mickey and Friends: Activity Pinball Ride On

  • Hear Mickey play his favorite music
  • Turn the knob for spinning colors, sweet melodies, and blinking signal lights
  • Colorful gears, peek-a-boo window & removable toy phone
  • Press ignition key, shift gears for revving engine sound
  • Honk the horn & steer the wheel for real driving fun!

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